PIMS™ - Pharmaceutical Inventory and Sales Management System

Drug Manufacturers operate today in a highly competitive business environment under imposing FDA regulatory constraints. Many manufactures have found that their existing business systems do not adequately support all of their initiatives to expand market share, accommodate distribution channels and meet the considerable regulatory requirements. Streamline Technology's Pharmaceutical Inventory and Sales Management System, "PIMS", offers an affordable, comprehensive business solution that is tailored to your unique operating environment. With Streamline’s proven conversion capabilities, PIMS can be just as easily deployed to augment existing systems as it can to replace the entire core systems.
PIMS™ is a fully integrated web-based business solution that supports pharmaceutical manufacturers’ complex sales strategies including product sample management, custom and bundled pricing, wholesale distribution and group purchasing organizations, while maintaining specific lot accountability from production through quality assurance and the entire sales process. PIMS™ supports powerful internet-based integration technologies that enable Streamline’s experienced developers and engineers to efficiently connect & exchange information through disparate applications, systems and processes giving users the ability to act on information any time, any place.

PIMS™ supports the Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) transaction sets that enable efficient communications between manufactures and trading partners. Purchase Order, Advance Shipment Notice, Invoice, Chargeback and Chargeback Reconciliation enables growth and fosters solid trading partner relationships.

Solution Overview
Business Challenge
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers require information systems that maintain exacting inventory levels and support complex sales strategies.

Business Solution
PIMS™ generates real-time inventory data by using bar code scanners to track all inventory events. PIMS™ supports complex sales strategies by enabling sales through direct and intermediary channels such as Wholesale sales, GPOs’, Hospital and Pharmacy buyers. These channels are linked through PIMS™ to provide management with a concise accounting of all transactions including, inventory levels, sample orders, wholesales, chargeback’s, commission totals and customer contacts.

How Streamline can help you?
Streamline Technology is committed to providing value and return on our customers’ investments. Whether your need is small or large, PIMS™ can help you achieve success.

Scanner Applications to manage all aspects of Inventory
Sales (Pick and Pack)

Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”)
Sales Tracking

Communications – EDI and non-EDI support for
850-Purchase Orders
856-Advanced Shipment Notices
849Charge Back Reconciliation
852-Product Activity
Other- flexibility to implement any number of additional communications (VAN or AS2)